Our Projects

Our projects typically include customisation and/or installation of electrical systems as that is our core area of expertise. Electrical systems encompass all electrical components and connections to provide electricity safely to the requisite systems throughout the building. This will include the customisations and/or installations of one or multiple types of electrical systems as follows:

    1. Electrical transmission and distribution systems
      • High-tension and low-tension switchgears, distribution boards, busbars, circuit breakers, meters, protection devices, cables and cable boxes;
      • Generators together with the requisite controls and generator switchboards;
      • Electrical substations for controlling the voltage of the electricity transmission; and
      • Cabling system to connect from the power grid to switchboards within the premises;
    2. Lighting systems
      • Light fittings, emergency lightings, circuit wiring for lightings and associated accessories such as switches, control and motion sensors in both indoor and outdoor environments;
    3. Communal antennae broadcasting distribution (“CATV”) systems
      • Coordination with telecommunication service providers for the installations and inspections of the cables and television outlets and broadband distribution systems
    4. Underground cable piping systems
      • Covering excavation, laying concrete, laying of cable pipes and backfilling with excavated materials;
    5. Telecommunication systems
      • Telephone systems/fiber optic systems
    6. Extra-low voltage (“ELV”) systems
      • Point of sale systems, CCTV systems, alert alarm systems, electronic parking systems, security access systems and audio/video intercom systems;
    7. Fire protection systems
      • Fire alarm systems, public access system, fire intercom and home fire alarm devices;
    8. Air-conditioning and mechanical ventilation (“ACMV”) systems;
    9. Switched socket outlets, switches, network points and isolators;


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